Conquering the blockchain, one node at a time.

The Tartarus Group exists for one reason, to acquire as much control over the blockchain industry as possible, and before the global collapse of fiat currency.

To do so, the Tartarus Nodal Network has been created. An ever expanding Nodal Elastic Supply System (N.E.S.S) which is automatically calibrated in reaction to trading volume of the contained and attached tokens. 

Through careful tokenomics, including volume induced deflationary and inflationary methods, as heavily weighted nodes which provide stronger opportunities for arbitrage, we will expand throughout every decentralized arena of the Ethereum network.


(TAR) The Tartarus token is the core token of the Tartarus Nodal Network, providing key tokenomics to the entire ecosystem. Through carefully planned and balanced deflationary and inflationary mechanisms, that act directly and solely in response to trading volume through the network, Tartarus ensures persistent, consistent, and constant support for the network as a whole.

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(TNY) is the nodal network token that connects (TAR) to COMP and UNI. 
Initially paired with COMP and UNI, TNY acts as the gateway to the Tartarus Nodal Network for these popular pairs and will provide support for routing & balancing through them.

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(TNG) is the nodal network token that connects (TAR) to USDT and USDC.

TNG may not be glamorous or expect as large a degree of fluctuation as other nodes, being paired initially with tokens that are pegged to the US Dollar, but popularity and practicality must always be supported, and TNG provides the preferred pair for connecting the network to USDC and USDT respectively.

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(TNO) is the nodal network token that connects (TAR) to MKR and DAI.

MKR and DAI have always been meant for each other and TNO will serve to bond them further, by providing their connection to the Tartarus Nodal Network.

Uniswap Pools


The Tartarus nodal network is a web of liquidity, leveraging the better aspects of each token within it. The core of the network is the TAR token, which has a 4% burn rate, a deflationary mechanism, on each transfer along with 4 new tokens minted to the deployer wallet. The high rate of deflation makes the TAR token preferred arbitrage trades against it's paired nodes in times of high market motion, which are the true strength of the network.
The three current nodal tokens, TNY, TNG, and TNO respectively, are identical in mechanisms. On each transfer of tokens, one new token is minted back to the deployer wallet, just like with TAR. These serve a very important purpose in the ecosystem of the Tartarus nodal network. The purpose of these tokens, simply, is to ensure that the network is always liquid, while providing stronger opportunities for connected contracts. Every token minted as a product of the inflationary mechanisms, will be injected into the liquidity systems of the network, predominantly by being added to liquidity pools internally between the TAR, TNG, TNY, and TNO pairs, and for the support of new nodes and pairs as the network grows.